Monday, September 9, 2013


Its always so fun, to stay up a little late preparing the house for Santa gifts and even more fun to see their little faces light up when they see all of their gifts! Merry Christmas Everyone!
 Brady got Scooby Doo figures and Mystery Machine Van along a Smurfs game, transformer, and some movies.
Charley got a pink little car, Beauty and the Beast Christmas movie, some alphabet letters for the fridge, and a Brownie cooking set.
And the both go the Sit and Spin
 The tree full of gifts
 Better view of their Santa gifts and Stockings
 Waking up Daddy
 This girl and her crazy faces
 Walking down the hallway to see Christmas
 Showing off Octipus Prime

 Excited about his Scooby Doo figures
 Happy girl!
 I think he might be singing the smurf song here
 Opening her stocking

 She loved her car

 Brady got a this Fisher Price iXL system, its like an educational game boy for kids
 Personalized Super Hero Brady Book

 She already loves shoes

 I couldn't get them to both look at the same time
 She got some jewerly and a purse

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