Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 17th
Fake Easter
I'm so thankful that I have a family that allows me to be crazy and love me despite my craziness.

Ryan planned a trip to New York for the both of us for my birthday, neither one of us realizing that it was Easter weekend. If you know me, you know I'm very sentimental and never miss a photo op and the idea of me missng Easter, Charley's first Easter was  not an option. I couldn't let Ryan know how upset I really was because he was super proud of himself, which he should have been for surprising me with this trip. So my solution have a fake Easter. So I bribed my family by telling them I would cook everything if they would just show up and let me take a few pictures.  Tanya and her family weren't able to come, but Ryan's family joined us for the first time. We had a great lunch, a Easter Egg hunt, and a photo op, so this lil mama was on cloud 9.

The kids new Easter Baskets/Tin

Brady opening his Easter basket, he wanted me to take a pic of everything he got

My lil Bunny, eating pancakes for the first time

Brady showing Charley her Easter prizes

Checking out Tangled

A purse chew toy

My beautiful lil mama

Seriously, the cutest little girl EVER

Eating her first Easter lunch, a friend green bean, some corn, potatoes, and carrots

The little girls

Cousin Braeleigh

The kids table

The kids peeking out the window at where we were hiding the eggs

Crazy Popi

And the hunt begins

Coiusin Mari

Cousin Phoebe

Eating eggs

Um, excuse me, that's my egg

I'll take that

Too Cute

Brady was in a hurry to get his last pic taking, he just pulled Charley

No words

Uncle Billy, Aunt Stephanie, and Brae

Mari posin

Mandi and her sweet family

Aren't they cute

Missing Tanya