Monday, July 18, 2011

May 21st
Date with w/ Carter & Baseball outside
We met Jayme and Blake in Grapevine for dinner, it was the first time that Charley and I had met Carter. Carter was born just a few wks before Charley.
Before Dinner we played baseball outside, I took some videos of Brady his pretend bases for his homerun.
Charley, Me, Jayme, and Carter
 Charley and Carter
Carter looking at Charley likes she's crazy, lol
My Boys

May 19th
Park Time
Walked/Jogged to the walk with the kids today. Boy does Charley love to swing!

May 17th
Parker has Popped!
Today we had Amanda's Sip and See at my house. I was trying to come up with something different and creative so I went with Popcorn,  Parker has Popped! I made these super cute invitations and got some more flavored popcorn from the same place I got Brady's popcorn for his party.

The Hostesses: Carie, Me, Amanda and Baby Parker, Heather, and Paige

I made a popcorn diaper cake

Our flower arragements

Amanda and Kara

Paige, Erin, and Debbie
May 15th
Charley is 10months
Well we are officially crawling now( 5-2), its not pretty but she's mobile. She started drinking from a sippy cup (5-5).She has a couple of new tricks High Five (5-18) and signs more by clapping(5-24). I noticed her 3rd tooth on the 27th, the top left tooth, but it didn't break through until 6-2.
We lowered her bed just in time (5-28), after her morning nap she pulled herself up and was standing up crying for me. B/c she is so mobile, on Sunday morning when were all trying to get ready at once for church I came up with a brillant idea to keep her confide by putting her in the bath tub while we get ready, filled with toys and of course no water. She pulled up almost automatically grinning ear to ear (5-29).
She still takes 2 naps a day, and has a bottle every 3 hrs and eats food for brkfast, lunch, and dinner. Even with her crazy crawl she is moving all over the place and fast.
The outfit she is wearing I got at the JBF consignment sell and I just love it!

May 13th
Field Day
Today was field day at school, it was techinally my day off so I thought if I had to work I would take Brady with me. Our school motto this year was Eagles Soaring High so we thought a Super Hero Theme Field Day was perfect. Brady and I got matching shirts.
Brady was such a great helper, first thing in the morning he went outside and helped Ms Amanda put out equipment. He loves our aide Ms. Beth so he followed her around awhile and copied everything she did.

In keeping with the theme 1 of the stations we did the kids got to make Superhero masks with donated fabric. Brady of course got one right a way and so did I.

Helping hide bean bags under the cones

Us with our superhero masks

Trying to climb the rope

Helping at the Sling Shot station

He spent a lot of time on the playground

Trying his turn @ Hula Hoopin

Brady and Ms. Beth


Sunday, July 17, 2011

May 8th
Mother's Day
My first Mother's Day as a mommy of 2, couldn't be any happier. Thank you Lord for my little blessings!

My precious mom and sisters

Nani and her grandkids

All the mommys

Nani and her kids
May 7th
Charley's First Swim
Today after Avery's party we headed to the Borgman's house to go swimming and cook out. This was Charley first time in the pool. It wasn't the best experience, first an allergic reaction to sunscreen which mommy didn't realize right away and she was not a fan of the cold water, maybe next time will be better.

Daddy trying to calm her down

Check out her puffing eyes and red spots

Brady was in rare form

Lizzie's first time too


Sweet Ally

After some Benadryl she was a happy girl

This girl loves to swing