Monday, September 9, 2013

Dec. 25, 2011 Christmas with Nani and Booga

We hurried and opened our presents at home and then headed over to Ryan's parents house aka Nani and Booga's house to have breakfast and open presents with them. Because we do Christmas Eve with my parents we tyrpically spend the entire day at Ryan's folks house, which the kids love!
 Brady and cousin Braeleigh
 Charley opening a fun discovery table

 Trying to act excited about clothes, this mama gets most excited when the kids get clothes though


 Excited about a Batman game to go with his new game system
 Stepahnie is pregnant with a little girl named Cori who will be arriving next month
 Ryan got some new boots
 Wendy and I got each other a Keurig, but Ryan decided to open hers and start using it weeks ago, lol

 Stephanie and I showing off our HUGE chocolates!

 Charley and I got matching aprons
 Showing off her baby Stella that she got from my parents Christmas Eve

 Charley, Booga (Big Charlie), and Brady
 Someone found some candy
 Gingerbread house time, and yes Charley is crawling on the table
 Now standing on the table
 Having fun decorating

 Mimi came over to hang with us, cause Popi went flying

 Back to playing

Merry Christmas from Brady and Braeleigh

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