Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oct. 30, 2011

FBCC Trunk or Treat

I know I wont be able to make the kids match much longer but until then I plan to matchy match. This year Papa Smurf and Smurfette. Brady is still really into the Smurfs so I thought this was a great idea! I've never seen a cuter Papa Smurf or Smurfette. Since Charley is still pretty bald I thought it would fun to had some yellow hair, so I found some yellow yarn and glued it on!

She loves her some Lizzie

Landry as wonder women


Oct. 29, 2011

Leta's Bridal Shower

Ryan's cousin Luke is getting married and today was their bridal shower. Leta and Luke have been together since high school. The funny thing is Leta was a former athlete of mine at Crockett and soon she'll be a cousin of mind. Leta is the cutest thing, she wanted us all to wear pink and pearls to the shower.
Miss Sassy Pants

Braeleigh and Charley

Ryan's grandparents were able to drive down for the shower, this is them with Luke and Leta

Leta was worn out


Oct. 27, 2011

School Walk for Diabetes/World Series Game at Champs

Today was our anual School Walk for Diabetes, it usually falls on my day off so I use that as an excuse to bring the kids to work with me.

Charley playing in the give away pool

World Series Game 6

The Rangers were away tonight so we met Trae and Britney and Ryan's co-worker Jeremy at Champs for a little while to watch the game. Unforuntately the kids and I had to leave to get to bed.
Brady and his Daddy

Brady with his Build a Bear Ranger

At home still cheering them on

He couldnt quite make it to the end of the game

Oct. 26, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

The kids and I went to our favorite Pumpkin Patch which is the Pumpkin Farm in grapevine! We got to wear Charley's outfit again and of course I had to put Brady in something to match. The kids favorite part...the roasted corn on the cob.

Such a diva