Monday, July 29, 2013

Dec. 24, 2011 Christmas Eve

Boy do I love this time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas have to be my favorite holidays by far!
My family has always celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve, we go to the church for Christmas service, then head home to eat Mexican food, and then open presents!
Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
 My pretty little girl
 Me and my girl
 My precious family

 Me and my biggest blessings
 My Brady
 Showing off her dress
 My sister Mandi has made it a tradition any time were together and I have my camera to steal it and take tons of photos of herself

 Cousins eating
 The boy cousins

 I don't get this kind of smile at of Ryan always so it really makes me happy when I do, he loves his girl
 Charley's new stroller

 Baby Stella from Mimi and Popi

 Brady got his own camera
 Peter Pan book, b/c he loves Peter Pan and Captain Hook
 Kaylee excited about her gift card and glasses
 Popi loves Snoopy
 Char Char being silly

 Gold Power Ranger
 Kendra sportin her new glasses with her boyfriend Bryan and sister Kaylee
 Putting her baby Stella in her new sleeping bag

 Bro in Law Chris loves to give a good pose
 Tanya and Matt
 Pushing her new baby in her new stroller
 Got Popi a new jacket
 Ryan loved this
 Mimi showing off her new cookbook
 Brady and Popi in their flight jackets
 My crazy sister again
Mom showing off her matching stuff

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