Monday, January 31, 2011

This is how dinner usually goes...

Brady wanting to help, which is super sweet & super extra messy & us both trying to keep Charley happy so we can cook.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just thought she was too cute not too take a picture!
Jan. 29th
Lava Grill
We got to go to dinner with the Smiths tonight, we were going to go to Chuys, but it was 1 1/2 wait, and we didn't think that would go over well with 3 kids. So we decided on a hibachi grill, which was Brady and Charley first time, well, I did remember that Brady had gone when he was just 2months old for Mother's Day, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember that. Brady didn't really know what to  think of the fire, but he loved the food!
The girls

Showing me his chop sticks

Landry being silly

All I can do if laugh

Finally got a good pic of them smiling

Back at the house hangin out
Charley Rolls Over From Back to Tummy
Yesterday, Charley and I were in her room on the floor playing. She was laying on her back and trying so hard to reach a toy next to her, that I just knew she would be rolling over soon. Not 10min later we went to play in the living room and she DID IT and 4 or 5x, so I was able to capture it unlike her tummy to back roll, which, I still have not gotten

She starts the roll...

and she got her toy!!!!

Jan. 28th
Our New Puppy...
Brady. Brady has just a great imagination, he loves to be superheros, he loves to pretend to be a teacher and read to his toys, etc. and now to be a puppy! He's the cutest puppy I've ever seen!

Jan. 27th
Phoebe's Turn 3!
My niece Phoebe turned 3 today and to celebrate we went to Chuck E Cheese! She had a Minnie Mouse themed party, she was the cutest little Minnie Mouse I've ever seen. Brady of course was ecstatic that is until Chuck E Cheese came out, lol, he still is a little fearful of him!

Bday girl cheesin while eating pizza

Rachel, Jacob, and Brady

Mari and Phoebe

Charley and Lorelei (Jacob's new little sister)

Phoebe and Popi

Phoebe and her daddy

Miss Sydney

Charley ate some pizza bones aka pizza crust

Making a wish

Mari and Chuck E Cheese

Phoebe and Chuck E Cheese

Charley and Chuck E Cheese

Chris and Chuck E Cheese

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My First Blogger On the Go Upload

How fun and convenient is this, I LOVE IT!
Jan. 25th
Knapp Time
I decided to switch the kiddos pediatrician, I loved their doctor and I had a favorite nurse, but I was happy with some stuff with the office and we were still going in Irving. In the process of thinking will I switch or not, I found my old pediatrician Dr. Kapp, who I just love. So we decided to make the switch.

Charley's first visit was going to be on Thursday but I got a call today while at work that she had a 101.6 fever, so I called our new doc and they were able to get us in right away.

It seems Charley has a viral infection, he gave us an inhaler b/c poor baby is wheezing so bad, hopefully she'll get better soon and stay well for more than 2 days, ugh :(!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan. 24th
Brady gets promoted
Today Brady got promoted to a new class, which he was super excited about b/c his new teacher Ms. Rose, has Batman and Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast). Ms. Rose said he had a great day and he came home with the first paper I've seen with the entire alphabet traced. I seriously almost cry everytime I see something new he has learned!

I was trying to take Brady's pic and all his classmates wanted in, too cute!

On his way outside to play