Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 29th
Baylor BBall
Jenn had an extra ticket to the Lady Bears bball game tonight, so she invited me and Charley. It was actually mine and Charley's first ever Division 1 basketball game. Going into the game the Lady Bears were #1 and were playing the #2 team Aggies, unfortunately the Aggies won, but it was still exciting to be at a Big 12 conference game. Charley of course was an angel, people thought she was adorable and wanted to take her and Lizzie's pictures. She finally decided about 9 that she was going to drink her bottle and close her eyes, and slept through the rest of the game.
Me and Charley
Sweet Lizzie with her Mimi
Cooper, Layton didn't want his picture taken
My Doll Baby
March 29th
Working Hard
I love working in to pick up Brady and their hard at work on something. He's been getting very frustrated writing his name and his teacher is so sweet, he has a lot more patience with her than me, so she was giving him a little extra help and encouragement today. They were practicing their names and the letter Yy when I first walked in but I think in the pictures he's working on making ants.
March 28th
Another New Food
We tried another squirt food, this time Plum Organic Baby's Spinach, Peas, and Pears and Charley gave it a thumbs up! FYI, I didn't just give it to her for her to fend for herself, I got her out of the highchair before I remembered to take a picture.
March 28th
Sleepy Time
I've blogged before that Charley does not sleep good at school, she usually just takes little cat naps and she's never been a real fan of sleeping in her bed there, but is getting better. Today I saw her asleep in her bed at school for the first time ever, so of course I had to take her picture! Sweet Angel Baby!
So sweet and peaceful
Some New Food
Charley continues to be a independant eater, so I thought we'd try first meet stick (March 24th, it started out ok, but ended in throw up. Charley has a major drama queen gag reflux, I made the mistake of giving her one in the car, she kinda just started coughing, but I didn't want it to lead in chocking so I stuck my finger in her mouth and not 2 min later she throws up all over herself. I actually it was my finger that gagged her and caused her to throw up.
March 27th Charley had mac n cheese, really she just sucked the cheese off and split the rest out.
Her first meet stick
Mac n Cheese

Monday, March 28, 2011

March 26th
Dine By Design
My church puts on this wonderfully women's dinner called Dine By Design. You can host a table and pick a theme and decorate to the max and then invite people to come sit at your table and enjoy a dinner and a guest speaker. This was my 3rd to attend and 2nd year to design. This year I actually signed up for 2 tables. My first table was called Bling on the Jewels and it was decked out in more bling than you can imagine. I invited my mom and sisters, my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law, and my friends Kara, Olivia, Hillary, and Candi. The verse I used was "...they will sparkle in the land like jewels in a crown." Zac 9:6 
One week the announced that they needed 2 more people to sign up and host a table, and I thought to myself, ok, maybe I could do 2 tables, but kept it to myself and then the next week, same announcement, same thought, and same reaction. After the 3rd week of them announcing they needed more people, I kept feeling almost guilty that I didn't yes I would do it. So I thought, ok God if I'm gonna host, I gonna come up with an easy and cheap idea and seriously not minutes later it came to me, Sonic, why not have a sonic table. Everyboy loves Sonic, I had a month to collect supplies, and I have a close connection to Sonic owners. So, I emailed someone the next day and told them I was in, only minutes later finding out they didn't need me after all. I was pretty bummed especially since I came up this great idea and then I got an email from Jenn and she said if I was still willing that they needed a table for the youth, how ironic right, a Sonic table
for the youth, God works in funny ways! So my theme was Its Not Good Unless Its Sonic Good! My connection actually sent me to a connection in Colleyville and they hooked us up, they we're amazing! Both tables were a hit and I think everybody enjoyed themselves.
Bling on the Jewels

Bling on The Jewels

Olivia and Hillary

Mom, Steph, Wendy, and Kara

Tanya, Hillary, Olivia, and Candi

Me and my sisters

The entire gang

This picture doesn't do it justice

I found ice cream cone bubbles, they girls loved them

Kari's table

Jenn's table
March 26th
Aaron's Batman Party
Aaron celebrated his 3rd bday today at the Little Gym. We didn't get word that 121 was shut down and were stuck in traffic for over an hour, so we missed everything. Brady was able to play for maybe 20min. I had Hillary send me a few pictures so at least it would look like we didn't miss anything. This was our first time at the Little Gym and we loved it!
Brady and Aaron, who would know they are actually a year apart

The BDay Boy with his cake

Hillary is a shirt freak like me, so she had shirts made for them, too cute

Aaron opened presents at home

Anderson, Brady, and Aaron

Silly Birthday Boy

Obviously we were there long enough for Brady to get red faced. Brady and Avery


I told him to get on the ground and pose and this is what he came up with

Charley didn't know what to think of Anderson

Baller, like her mommy maybe?

Sweet Anderson
March 25th
Spring Pics @ School
Today was picture day at school, so we went out yesterday to Children's place and got the kids matching outfits. Its funny, I got Brady two polo shirts cheaper than 1 dress for Charley, and it was anything spectacular, as you can see, just a cute little sun dress. Brady's shirts were 2 for $16 and Charley's dress was $20, CRAZY! Anywho, can't wait to see how the pictures turn out!
Aren't they cute?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 22nd
Yummy Mashed Potatoes
It was Kids eat Free at Chili's tonight, so we met Ryan there for dinner. I decided not to even bother forcing Charleys to eat her baby food so I just orered some mashed potatoes and boy did she like them! A major thumbs up!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22nd Yummy French Onion Soup

Went to MacAlisters for lunch for some french onion soup, everyone loved the soup even Charley!