Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feb. 15th 7Months

Feb. 15th
7 months that means were closer to be a year than not, scary to think, in just 5 months she'll will be 1!
Charley continues to be a very sweet, easy going baby. She has the sweetest giggle and the best personality. She is the busiest little thing too!
As we started to move up on drinking oz we got sick and she struggled to drink at all. So still at 6oz but sometimes she eats 3, sometimes 4, I honestly can't remember when she finished a bottle other than her night time bottle.
Charley got moved on Jan. 18 to Ms Lisa's class. She loves being a big girl. She still doesn't sleep very much at school, 20 min here, 30 min here, if we're lucky, she's just so busy and doesn't want to miss anything. So she is beyond exhausted when its bed time.
Speaking of bedtime, she's having a few bad nights here and there I'm assuming b/c she doesn't feel good, but for the most part she continues to sleep through the night. I was still swaddling her during her late afternoon nap and putting her in the swing, but we are officially swaddle free and all naps are in are bed. She typically takes 3 good naps at home, she would take 4 if I let her but I like her to go to bed by 7:30 or 8. Her first morning nap usually around 9, she will sleep near 2hrs, her next nap around 12ish, is usually just 30min, and then her 3rd nap, we try to put down right after that bottle so Bubba can nap and sometimes Mommy and she usually will sleep for an 1-2hrs.
We added a 3rd meal on, lunch on Jan. 22nd. for lunch and dinner we have our bottle first and then about an hr later we do food. I've been documenting new foods but we've eaten so many, that will probably end soon.
Jan. 25th She got her first viral infection and soon after on Feb. 15th she got her first ear infection, in
She now can roll over both ways, Jan. 29th she rolled over from her back to front and she is officially a sitter, no more tripod (Feb. 1).
She has a tooth, her first one broke throw just days ago on the Feb. 12th, the bottom left. She has a new trick too, her Feb. 8th she started throw her head to the side when she gets excited. Its the cutest thing ever!
I know no really cares about all these details but Mama Boozer does and this is the only way I can keep up with all of it, is goes in my phone first, a back up calendar, due to losing an entire years worth of stuff on my last phone and then to the blog. So bare with my anal dates and details please!

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