Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb. 14th
Valentine's Day
Everyone woke up to Valentine's prizes and breakfast this morning. Brady got a Spiderman toy and Charley got a book called Love from my a precious , sweet little girl.
I always try to make a point to try and be at Brady's parties at school to help and take pictures, and I just love it, makes me excited to me a room mom someday, hehe! When I got there Brady and his friends were still asleep, so to see wake up routine, which includes Brady folding his own blanket, pretty impressive. Then it was party time! Brady is such a ham, I couldn't stop taking pictures of his crazy expressive faces. He was trying to make his friends laugh and wanted all the attention on him.
Brady and Charley got sweet Valentine's from his Mimi and Popi and Nani and Booga. They both got a monkey and pjs. For Dinner Ryan took us to Blue Fish, one of our Favorite Sushi places, Brady was a ham as ever, and enjoyed his Sushi and Charley was an angel sat in her carseat the entire dinner and played. They created a heart out of one of our sushi dishes.
I am so very thankful for My big and little Valentines!!!!

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