Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Rest of My Very Late 
 Day 15

 Day 16

Day 17
 Day 18 If you know me I love to shop, but I'm a bargain shopper, most of my clothes and the kids clothes, come from TJ Maxx, Ross, & Target, I can find a deal anywhere and I'm not afraid to dig
Day 19 Which leads me to my next bargain find, JBF sale, I look forward to it each year, I get so many clothes for the kids its unreal
 Day 20 Trash I love on TV, The Real Houswives of Alanta, New York, Orange County, and Now Miami and Beverly Hills, Grey's Anatomy, Teen Mom & Teen Mom2, Tori and Dean Sweet Home Hollywood, and Ryan and I love to watch Criminial Minds

 Day 21
This is usually my wake up radio show
 Day 22 My Job, I couldn't ask for a better gig, teaching PE to little kiddos 2 1/2 days a week, so that I can take care of my babies the rest of the week. Not to mention my amazing co-workers and school
Day 23
Our Church that we started attending 2 years ago. I love everything about it, we are getting fed and have met so many wonderfully people.
Day 24

All of our amazing friends, I started to list them, but I'm so afraid I'll forget somebody, but we have Childhood friends, High School, College, Work, and Church friends, we seriously are very blessed!

Day 25 My In-Laws and extended family, wish I had a picture of everybody, but I have the best in-laws ever and the sweestes biggest extended family

Day 26 Family-Sisters,

My Parents, the most precious parents in the entire world
Extended Familyand I don't have pictures of my dad's side

Day 27 My Family-can't say enough, so blessed, so happy
Day 28 And My number 1 Things I love which done of this would be possible w/out... my God, Thank you Lord for all my many blessings!

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