Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 24-25, 2011

Ryan's Early Birthday/Lake

Ryan was going out of town for his bday and the kids and I were headed to the lake, so we gave Ryan his present early.

Looking forward to all the wonderful food his going to grill us!

Happy Birthday daddy!

Kari and Ben asked us to join them at their lake house along with the Towery's. We had a great time, hoping next time Ryan can come.
It took Charley some time to get used to her life jacket.

These boys are the best buds!

Kari and Ally

Mr. Zach helped Brady out in the lake

Jenn and Lizzie

Taking a Pee

Sweet girls

Charley and her bffs

Mr. Zach took Brady for a spin

Craft time

JUNE 25th

Sweet girl fell asleep

These pee break took 3


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