Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 23, 2011

Toy Give Away

Brady has really enjoyed taking private swim lessons and wanted to continue, so we asked him what he could do to help work to get them, just trying to teach him sometimes we have to work hard to get things we want. So we decided that we needed to clean his room out & give some toys to other boys & girls that aren't as blessed. After gather a small bag full last night Brady woke up this morning and said he had a dream he needed to give away more specials toys to boys, my heart melted. This is what we came up with, sad thing is he still has more toys imaginable.

I was so proud of proud, he even picked out one of his favorite toys to give away to.
So far Ryan and I have been blessed with more than we would ever need, therefore our children have to. My prayer is that they will always have a grateful heart and realize the blessings they have and never take them for granted and always give back.

This is what we added when he woke up

This was the bag we packed before bed


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