Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oct. 8, 2011

State Fair

The kids and I went to the State Fair with Nani and Booga, Steph, Billy, Brae, and Mimi. We had a great time!
I made mom pose in front of the Senior Citizen sign

Brady and Braeleigh

My little flowers

Brae and Steph

Enjoying her corndog

B & B definitely enjoyed their corndogs

I love this girl and her sweet smile!

Yep that's snot on her nose 
These 2 have so much fun together, somehow they convinve Booga to get them a stroller!

This is how they spent the day, what the life

Charley wasn't really know what to think

Checking out the baby calf

She passed out

Can you see the baby leg haning out of the mommy's pouch?

Feeding time

Brady got braver and braver

Billy and the kids feeding the Zebra

Yep, eating out of my cup

Love these kids!


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