Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oct. 10, 2011

Julia Grace Watson

Today was seriously one of the hardest days of my life, I mentioned in an earlier post in July, that my friends Kim and Aaron got some troubling news about her baby girl, well today they had that precious baby!

I was fortunate to be able to come to Abilene last night to be stay with Kim in the hospital. I gotta say when Kim first told me she wanted me to stay with her the night before the scheduled c-section and the night of, I was touched and honored but scared to death. I was filled with lots of different emotions but nothing compared to hers. It was by the grace of God that I was able to be strong for her and keep my tears from flowing constantly and He definitely gave me the words to say.

I have been able to walk along Kim through this journey. I have never had so much heartache for a friend. I wanted so badly take it from her and fix it all. Here I was trying to be strong for her and help her but she somehow ended helping me. I have never seen such faith. I am a different person because of this experience and because of Kim. What an amazing example of a Godly women! I have always loved Kimberly Jane Watson, but my love for her grew so much more and my appreciation of her is so much greater! She has always been a women of God but this experience made me look at her differently, I learned so much from her: how to have faith and keep faith even when you can't comprehend the trial, how to count your every blessing and not to take them for granted, how to love others even when they don't seem very lovable, how to keep on keeping on when you don't think you can, how to be a friend and most importantly to comfort those in need. You may not know what to say or how to act but it doesn't matter, I am testament that God will guide you through it, He will give you the words, or help you know when its time to just listen.

Julia Grace was born at 12:20 and was able to spend 1hr and 20 min here on earth before meeting Jesus and I am honored to say that not only did I get to meet her but I was able to hold her as well. She was so beautiful and  so peaceful! I'm so thankful that Kim, Aaron and the kids were able to spend some quality peaceful time with her.

I will never forget the time Kim and I spent together just the two of us in the hospital. I will never forget the overflowing love that surrounded them from the most supportive family and friends in the hospital that day and through the months. I will never forget the feelings I felt when I got to hold Julia Grace and when I saw Kim holding her baby. I will never forget the faith and total trust Kim had in God and how she saw every minute of her pregnancy as a gift and a privilege to carry Julia Grace! I will never forget the love that the Watson family showed everyone that they came in contact with over the months.

Sweet Julia Grace and her parents touched so many peoples life including mine, I am so gracious that I was able to walk along them in this journey and be one of the few that got to meet her.

I love you Kimberly Jane Watson!


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