Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 29-30, 2011
Lake Travis

For the last 3 years we have gotten together with Ryan's buddies for ACU, first Padre, then Lake Tachoma last year, then Lake Travis this year. But really we have been getting together every year for something since their senior year at ACU, our wedding in 01, Courtney and Colby's wedding in 02, Avery's birth in 03, Bryan and Sloan's Wedding in 04, Drew and Jamie's wedding in '05, etc.

This year we decided to go Craig's way so we headed to Lake Travis in Austin. Courtney is always great about planning everything, she found us a great house on the lake that had a neighborhood pool.
The first night Craig talked us into driving to thsi great restaurant where a friend of theirs was playing little did we know it was going to take us almost an hr to get there, probably not the smartest decision after being in the care for four hrs, but we had a great time!

The next day we spent pretty much the day at the pool!

I love that we walked away from ACU with such great lifetime friends, its so fun to see all of us grow into new stages of life and that our kids will grow up knowing each other.

Jenna and Craig dacing

Jenna, Craig, and Mark

Gracie and Charley

This to were smitten for each toher as you can see...

Back at the House

Brady and Mark

Avery and Charley

Mark and Brady

Charley and Jersie

Bryan, Sloan and Jackson came up just for the day.




The boys chillin

The girls were performing for us

Courtney's girls and my lil girl

We took this after Jackson left so this is all the kids minus Jackson.
Brady, Kennadie, Averie, Jersie, Mark, Lana, Gracie, and Charley

Gracie and her sisters just loved Charley

The boys minus Bryan

Heading Back Home

Somehow Charley got a hold of the entire bag of chips, lol


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