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July 16-23, 2011

Camping/First Steps

One tradition my family started when I was a baby was going camping in New Mexico with my grandparents and its a tradition we've continued since they've passed. I have such great memories of camping, from washing my hair in the river, sleeping in the van, hiking with my dad, etc. I'm so  grateful that my kids get to start creating those memories with their grandparents.

This was Brady's 2nd time to go and Charley's first and I was excited that Ryan decided to join us although he got to skip out on the 8 hr + drive there.

We stopped in Clovis for a couple of days to see my dad's sisters before heading to the mountains.

Please excuse me but the pictures are a little jumbled up, I normally would take the time to fix them, but there are so many and I'm so behind on the blog that I'm not going to worry about.
Road Trip Ready

We stopped in Abilene at Ihop for a late breakfast early lunch

 Back on the road and Nap time



We had a great time visiting with aunts and cousins in Clovis.
Tamera's Daughter Bailey just loved Charley.

Our first day at Karen's Charley stood up and started pushing Bailey's old stroller, this is the first time Charley has done something like this so I was super excited!

The kids had a great time playing with Hayden's toys, especially Brady. He had never seen so many Ninja Turtles.

My cousin Damon is a great graphic designing and entered a Taco Box contest. The person with the best Taco Box logo would creation would become the next t-shirt and he won! We all decided to head to Taco box to eat and buy us some shirts to support him!

Yay Charley!!!
She'll be walking by herself in no time!

Taco Box

Brady, Mari, Phoebe, Chase, and Hayden

His design

I love watching Reality TV even though I know its trash, and one of my favorites is Kendra who married Hank Baskett, he grew up in Clovis so they had this ganging in the restaurant.

Dad and his sisters: Karen and Linda

Some of the cousins

The cousin crew, minus Matt and Tanya of course

Everyone sportin their Taco Box shirts!

Headed to the Mountains...

We stopped at Joseph's on Rt 66 to eat. I of course had to buy the kids and I souvenir shirts showing we had been on Rt 66.

I had to try this on Charley


Mimi didn't want Charley to forget all she learned pushing the stroller at aunt Karen's house, so we made a trip to Walmart before leaving and Mimi bought this toy for her. Its a good thing she did too, Charley stood by herself without hanging on for a sec (July17th) took her first 2 steps (July 20th).

Camping is much different than it used to be. We stay in a nice cabin instead of a car or camper, technology comes along with you even though I try to stay away from it as much as possible. But some things stay the same, its a great time with family, hiking with dad, going into Taos to shop, playing lots of games, and enjoying the cooler weather.

So Proud of herself!

Mimi got sequence fot kids, which is one of our favorite games.

Playing sequence

Peek a Boo

Ryan would be super proud Charley loved the ducks that came to visit.

Checkin out the river for the first time

Kendra hiding b/c she didn't want her picture taken, but I got her

This is a game even the kids enjoyed
Cute Cousins

The boy cousins

Phoebe loves lovin on Charley

I love this little girl!

Look at her Standing all by herself!!!!

She did NOT like the grass, lol.

Love this lil man

The boys cousins

Mandi and her mini me


ATTEMPT to Play in River

The River was very cold, the kids couldn't take it long.

Charley's first time in the River, she thought it was cool!

I just love these two

Mari and Phoebe

Chase and Ryan took the river back home while the rest of us chose land.

Nothing cuter than a bare baby bottom, sqeezeeee

"Look Woody, has a sleeping bag and lantrn just like me!"

The kids were playing through, they were asking all of. us what we wanted to eat

Pure Sweetness
Getting all the kids situated was a little challenging

Mimi and Popi and all their grandkids


the big kids

Smyers Crew

We always take pics on this swing at the store

Charley loves her Popi

So glad Dad and I were able to pick up Ryan from the airport, it means the world to me that he's here.

Oops Popi

There is a stocked pond right by our cabin, although we didn't catch anything, the kids had fun!

The best Mom and Dad and Mimi and Popi in the world

Love this picture of my dad


Trip into Town-TAOS

We ate here for lunch


So sweet!

Back To The River

These pics are supposed to be with other pond pics :)



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