Monday, July 23, 2012

July 15, 2011's

Charley's First Birthday/Forward Facing

My sweet baby girl is 1 today, so hard to believe!
We woke up and had a favorite... mini pancakes, took our 12month pictures in her crib, and had our 12month check up with Dr. Knapp.
45 head

 Lunch with Mimi at Chick fil where Charley had he 2nd taste of ice cream. One of the worker's was so sweet, when he found out it was her bday he brought her a brownie with ice cream. For dinner we went to Fuddruckers.

She now has 5 teeth, this last one came in on July 6th. She's eating new big people food, including popiscles (7-10-11) and ice cream (7-13-11). She's isn't walking yet but I would think pretty soon. She is very content playing with boy toys, she loves her bubba, and her daddy! Her dimple still makes me melt.

At the doctor's office waiting for our check up

Chick fil a Bday Lunch

This stuff is good...

Bubba more please...

Bubba come on, I want more...

So cute, Brady was opening up his mouth too, just like daddy does.

Look at me I face the front now...

and thinks its fun...
esepcially since mommy can reach me and tickle me...

Passed out on the way home after lunch.

BDay Dinner at Fuddruckers


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