Monday, July 18, 2011

May 15th
Charley is 10months
Well we are officially crawling now( 5-2), its not pretty but she's mobile. She started drinking from a sippy cup (5-5).She has a couple of new tricks High Five (5-18) and signs more by clapping(5-24). I noticed her 3rd tooth on the 27th, the top left tooth, but it didn't break through until 6-2.
We lowered her bed just in time (5-28), after her morning nap she pulled herself up and was standing up crying for me. B/c she is so mobile, on Sunday morning when were all trying to get ready at once for church I came up with a brillant idea to keep her confide by putting her in the bath tub while we get ready, filled with toys and of course no water. She pulled up almost automatically grinning ear to ear (5-29).
She still takes 2 naps a day, and has a bottle every 3 hrs and eats food for brkfast, lunch, and dinner. Even with her crazy crawl she is moving all over the place and fast.
The outfit she is wearing I got at the JBF consignment sell and I just love it!


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