Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 29th
Baylor BBall
Jenn had an extra ticket to the Lady Bears bball game tonight, so she invited me and Charley. It was actually mine and Charley's first ever Division 1 basketball game. Going into the game the Lady Bears were #1 and were playing the #2 team Aggies, unfortunately the Aggies won, but it was still exciting to be at a Big 12 conference game. Charley of course was an angel, people thought she was adorable and wanted to take her and Lizzie's pictures. She finally decided about 9 that she was going to drink her bottle and close her eyes, and slept through the rest of the game.
Me and Charley
Sweet Lizzie with her Mimi
Cooper, Layton didn't want his picture taken
My Doll Baby

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