Monday, March 28, 2011

March 26th
Dine By Design
My church puts on this wonderfully women's dinner called Dine By Design. You can host a table and pick a theme and decorate to the max and then invite people to come sit at your table and enjoy a dinner and a guest speaker. This was my 3rd to attend and 2nd year to design. This year I actually signed up for 2 tables. My first table was called Bling on the Jewels and it was decked out in more bling than you can imagine. I invited my mom and sisters, my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law, and my friends Kara, Olivia, Hillary, and Candi. The verse I used was "...they will sparkle in the land like jewels in a crown." Zac 9:6 
One week the announced that they needed 2 more people to sign up and host a table, and I thought to myself, ok, maybe I could do 2 tables, but kept it to myself and then the next week, same announcement, same thought, and same reaction. After the 3rd week of them announcing they needed more people, I kept feeling almost guilty that I didn't yes I would do it. So I thought, ok God if I'm gonna host, I gonna come up with an easy and cheap idea and seriously not minutes later it came to me, Sonic, why not have a sonic table. Everyboy loves Sonic, I had a month to collect supplies, and I have a close connection to Sonic owners. So, I emailed someone the next day and told them I was in, only minutes later finding out they didn't need me after all. I was pretty bummed especially since I came up this great idea and then I got an email from Jenn and she said if I was still willing that they needed a table for the youth, how ironic right, a Sonic table
for the youth, God works in funny ways! So my theme was Its Not Good Unless Its Sonic Good! My connection actually sent me to a connection in Colleyville and they hooked us up, they we're amazing! Both tables were a hit and I think everybody enjoyed themselves.
Bling on the Jewels

Bling on The Jewels

Olivia and Hillary

Mom, Steph, Wendy, and Kara

Tanya, Hillary, Olivia, and Candi

Me and my sisters

The entire gang

This picture doesn't do it justice

I found ice cream cone bubbles, they girls loved them

Kari's table

Jenn's table

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  1. I love the new blog design! Thanks again for having me at your table, I had a blast!