Saturday, January 15, 2011

Still Under Construction but I'm BACK!!!
Well after getting 4 months behind I didn't think I would ever get caught back up, but thanks to my one of my BFFs Kim and telling me about Picasa, I've never blogged so quickly in my life and the Boozer Bunch is back and I promise to do my best not to get that far behind again.

You're probably wondering why we have a new site thought, right? I also learned that you are only allotted a certain amount of free space and I guess 482 posts and a million pics give or take in the last 5 yrs Nov, I took up all my free space.

I should have a cutest blog even real soon, thanks to Pink Armchair Designs! Glad to be back! Happy Blogging!

If your a true blog follower and really want to catch up, I was four months behind when I started this, so happy reading! Oh and for those just joining us and really really what to get caught on, check out our original blog

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