Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan. 15th
6 Months
Well this last month has been a whirl win for sure! I guess I should do what I was always taught to fo in a parent conference, SANDWHICH=start with GOOD, BAD, then GOOD again!

Charley still is a very happy baby! She giggles and grins all the time especially at her big brother! She has learned to take her bow off, and continues to think pulling her paci in and out is a game. She loves bath time, her exersaucer, but her real favorite toy is an old remote control after we learned giving her the one we use, was not smart especially during or favorite shows. Still no teeth, and is still just rolling over from tummy to back, but not very often, b/c she doesn't like her tummy time!

We went from getting laid down in bed awake and putting herself to sleep and sleeping so well in our bed all night to getting sick first with broncholitis and then w/ an awful tummy bug, to mommy and daddy pulling their hair out and dreading night times b/c I got spoiled while I was sick, so now it takes at least an hour of screaming for me to go to sleep and mommy usually caving in to pick me up. It seems every time we get a routine down, something happens and changes it. In the process of being sick continual for almost a month, mommy thought it was time to take the swaddle away, which of course didn't the matters at all. I slowly began to take the swaddle away last week, b/c I love my sleep so much, it didn't go so well at first. 1-8 She slept all night til 5am (1-9)w/out, and when I say all night I really mean she was in her bed, and mommy left her in her bed, but mommy had to get up 100x to put a paci in her mouth. 1-9 She did it until 7am (1-10), yippee, and again on the 1-12! The last 2 nights (1-13 & 1-14)however she thought it would be fun to wake up at 4am and play, so mommy again did something she would never do but did with Brady too, and brought her in bed, so we could both sleep. She has become a better morning and mid morning napper, going to sleep usually w/out even fussy. In all of this madness, I need discover, she like to lay on her left side!

This last month we have started eating to meals a day, breakfast and dinner (12-12). We went from eating such a few veggies to now eating, peas, carrots, squash, greens beans, and added 2 fruits bananas and apple sauce and oatmeal with mixed fruit. We are now eating in our high chair too (12-22)!
She has been to her first movie. Had her first Christmas and Thanksgiving and is looking forward to wearing her Valentine's clothes soon! She has been watched by someone other than a Mimi/Nani, or aunt. Cousin Hollyan had to watch them on Wed. 12th 7-12, so mommy could at least get 1/2 days work in this week and mommy and daddy are going on a date tonight and Cooper and Layton's cousin Ashleigh is coming to watch, so we'll see how that goes.

She has had what we thought was pneumonia that ended up being broncholitis and an awful tummy bug that caused her to to threw up again have diarrhea for 6 days and drink her first pedilyte, but is now today diarrhea free and had her first solid poop.

Today was probably the last month I decide to use a paper sign as you will see below, it was used more for entertainment this time and a major distraction than anything! We took our Kiddie Kandid pictures today and I will add asap!

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