Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan. 27th
Phoebe's Turn 3!
My niece Phoebe turned 3 today and to celebrate we went to Chuck E Cheese! She had a Minnie Mouse themed party, she was the cutest little Minnie Mouse I've ever seen. Brady of course was ecstatic that is until Chuck E Cheese came out, lol, he still is a little fearful of him!

Bday girl cheesin while eating pizza

Rachel, Jacob, and Brady

Mari and Phoebe

Charley and Lorelei (Jacob's new little sister)

Phoebe and Popi

Phoebe and her daddy

Miss Sydney

Charley ate some pizza bones aka pizza crust

Making a wish

Mari and Chuck E Cheese

Phoebe and Chuck E Cheese

Charley and Chuck E Cheese

Chris and Chuck E Cheese

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