Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dec. 25th
Christmas is Finally Here/Charley tries Carrots
What a fun Christmas and blessed Christmas! We had 2 extreme, Brady, the over excited aggressive unwrapper and then Charley, who didn't have a clue and would probably prefer eating paper! Santa came and left the kids stockings full. Brady his Superman costume, wolverine, lots of arts and craft supplies and 2 fun photo canvases on his wall.
Charley woke up at 7:30 like usual, Brady on the other hand we practically had to pull out of bed, lol!
Charley got a turtle filled with balls and lots of fun girly toys! Mommy and Daddy got Brady a V Tech Reader, another wolverine, a pirate tent, some clothes, which he could care less about, some shoes, Ice Age and Despicable Me movies. Charley got several outfits, some boots, a carseat cover, and a computer.
After opening presents, we headed over to Nani and Booga's for a late Christmas breakfast and more presents.
His new wall decor

My lil mama's first Christmas

Excited about Spiderman

Opening Stockings

Helping Charley

My new computer

Ryan's new duck call
 Christmas at Nani and Booga's

C with Uncle Billy

Pirate Pjs

C's first tea set

We got Brae rain boots

Pillow case from Mother

Mick and Mother joined us

Boog's new boots

Charley tries a new veggie, carrots

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