Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dec. 24th
Christmas Eve
We celebrated Christmas like always, at my folks. PPBC church service, mexican food, and then time to open presents. Today my poor dad was sick, so he was cooped up in his room all night and missed out on the festivities.
My precious family

Ryan and Brady Christmas Eve Morn

Brady hiding in Mimi's new ottomen

Charley was so sleepy, and just was hanging out on Uncle Chris' shoulder

Phoebe is in love with her Charley

Brady surrounded by way too many gifts

The Boys and their Toys

Showing off his Ham toy

This is the one present Charley stayed awake for

Chase ended up getting almost $200 in Game Stop gift cards

Slim Jims

Kaylee and his pillow pet

Brady got a blaket made by Mimi

Brady and his pillow pet

All the kids got pillow pets but Chase and Charley

Phoebe was hiding in the pillow pet picture, so here she is

The boys seeing what all the fuss is with the pillow pets

Sleeping Baby with a new toy

Kaylee got some fancy map pencils

Brady and his joker house

The 3 little kids got capes

Super Mari, Super Brady, and Super Phoebe

Mustache Brady

Mimi opening her annual calendar

Me and my babies

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