Monday, July 29, 2013

Katterich Family Pics

Tanya, Mandi, and I decided to surprise mom with some family pics for her birthday, it took us while to pin point a time and date but we finally did and I think they all turned out great!
 My family

 The crew
 Mimi, Popi, and all their grandkids
Chris, Mandi, and their girls
 Mimi, Popi, and Tanya's crew
 My favorite
 Mimi, Popi, and Tanya's kids
 Mimi, Popi, and Brady, Charley wasn't cooperating
 Mimi, Popi, and Mandi's girls
 Charley decided to join in
 Mandi's crew
 Tanya and Matt
 Tanya's crew
 My sisters and I
 Another one of us
 Another one of Mandi and her crew
 Mom and Dad

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