Monday, July 29, 2013

Dec. 2, 2011 Tattoo

I've have wanted a new tattoo for a long time something to represent my kiddos and who better to have along with me than my Bro in law Chris, the tattoo expert.
I wasn't real sure what I wanted and luckily there was a wait so we headed to Serious Pizza to eat and put all of our creative minds together to come up with the perfect tat.
This will make my second tattoo, first one I got for my 20th bday and its so small on my toe I don't remember how painful it probably was but I was reminded quickly on this one what the pain was like...ouch!
 Me and Chris
 Ryan watching on, I pretty sure this was his first time to see a tattoo being done, he hates needles!

 I was trying to be so brave, but really I wanted to scream, lol

B=Brady C=Charley

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