Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oct. 22, 2011

Brae's 5th Birthday Party/World Series Game 3

Today Charley and I headed over to Billy and Stephanie's new house to celebrate Braeleigh's 5th birthday, while Ryan and Brady were watching the Rangers in the World Series.
Brae's bday is actually in Sept. but Stephanie decided to wait til Oct. so she could have a fall pumpkin party.

Sweet girl cried when we started singing

This is up there as one of my fav Charley outfits, I had it made from a lady on Etsy

Carving Pumpkins

Billy carving one

2 things Charley loves, ice and her Booga

Seriously, phone talker already

World Series Game 3

Rangers were away first two games, so this was the first home game of the World Series. I hope some day Brady realizes how blessed he is to be able to go to games like this with his daddy. I love the memories they are building.


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