Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 17, 2011

Swim ShowOff

Today finished up our two weeks of swim lessons. Charley and Brady have come a long way. Kara and I did mom and tot together, and had a great time, we had the girls wear their matching swim suits on today, hehe.

Landry and Charley

Kara and Landry

Me and my sweet girl

Kara and I and the girls

Showing the girls their prizes

Sportin her prize


We were in the same class with Cooper again, I love seeing tese boys together. Brady and Cooper started the first week in tears but got over it quickly and earned their badges.

Coop and Brady

Swimming through the hula hoop

Getting wet


Knee Dive

Knee Dive



Getting rings

Soldier Jump

Red Rover Red Rover let Brady come over



We got to see Braeleigh show off her swimming skills too!

Charley was cheering her on


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