Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aug. 8- , 2011


Shane and April asked us to go to Destin with them. We decided to fly up instead of drive and Shane was kind enough to pick us up, and poor guy we sent him to the wrong airport.

This was Charley's first time on the beah, she wasn't a big fan of it until the last day. We had a great time, minus a view fits from Brady crying about the salt in his eyes, and Charley breaking out from sunshine and me overdosing her.

Brady got to go on his first Deep sea fishing trip and we snuck out just our family one day to check out FuddPuckers.

I lots more pictures, so I'm hoping to find them soon and add them.

The first night we went to Crab Trap to eat.


Ryan, Eric, Tony, and Shane

April, Abigail, and Calvin

I love this picture!

The Cates Family joined us



Deep Sea Fishing

I think this picture is beautiful

Grace and Brady

Grace and her daddy Eric

Grace caught a fish

Zach and Jenn were in Destin at the same time so Zach met up
with them to fish

Zach, Ryan, Shane, and Eric


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