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April 20-24th
Happy Birthday to Me in NYC
Ryan planned a trip to NYC for us for my bday, (what a sweetie) this would be my first time away form Charley over night and it wasn't just gonna be 1 but 4 nights, it was gonna be hard but it was must needed for Ryan and I. 
WED. 20th-We headed to the airport for our 4:00pm flight but after a delay in DFW and then in Milwakie we didn't arrive in NY until 12:15am and waited in the craziest taxi line I've ever seen in my entire life, but surprisely it went ver quickly.
THURS. 21st My BDay-12:40am We arrived at our hotel only to find out that they were overbooked and the only place they had for us to stay was in a conference room with 2 cots, really???, what a way to start my bday. All Ryan and I could do was laugh. I think b/c we were so understanding (surprisely...ryan usually would have gotten really upset) they were extremely generous, which they should have been, we got a free nights stay, a spa day, and an upgraded room.
Here are our cots, funnier thing was they weren't even the same heights so even when we pushed them together they were uneven, lol.

We woke up about 7:30, checked in on the kids and headed off to breakfast and coffee @ Starbucks around the corner. Again one of the craziest lines I've ever seen, they had a person w/ a headset on taking our orders while we waited in line.
After breakfast we had breakfast we headed to one of my most favorite stores H&M, Ryan bought a belt b/c he forgot his and didn't think wearing a bath robe belt was appropriate to wear all day long but he sure wore it until then, lol. He picked out a dress for me and I also got some sunglasses and some bangels.

After H &M we headed to Grand Central Station to get a metro card so we could go to Canal street and buy me a purse.

We got to Canal St. and not 1 foot off the subway and someone was saying "Coach, Louis Vuitton?" so we followed them. It was very different than the last time I went, this was even more secretive. We walked probably about 2 blocks maybe more and the lady told me to wait in a telephone booth and not 5minutes later a man with a back pack gave me an eye and pulled a black bag out of his back pack and placed it in the telephone booth next to me. Ryan talked them down to a great price, so I got a purse and a wallet.
After getting a couple of other purses for my mother in law and a co-worker of Ryan's we just walked around to try and find something to eat.
Just thought this was so pretty

This store was so fun, totally want a walk in closet that looks like this someday.

We had lunch @ Giovanni's in Little Italy, it was so yummy!

We headed back to the hotel and saw our Upgraded room. We rested some and then headed out for dinner @ Bejamin's Steakhouse, which seriously had the best steak I've ever had, it melted in your mouth and the waiter cut it with a spoon. Our waiter made the dinner too, he was great! After dinner we headed to Times Square to walk around. After Times Square we headed back to the hotel we rented the movie Tourist, which we ended up turning off early b/c Ryan fell asleep.



Times Square
FRIDAY 22nd- We woke up and finished the movie and headed to breakfast @ 10am across the street @ Gourmet Bagels, it was so great to be able to relax and be in no hurry. It was a rainy day, luckily the hotel had umbrellas for us to borrow. I soon realized that jeans and Toms were not going to last all day, so Ryan bought me some fun new polka dot rainboots.

 My yummy bagel

Shows how gloomy it was, the top of the Empire State building was missing.
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty-We did a little shopping at Macy's before heading to the Statue of Liberty. Once we got there it didn't take us long to decide that seeing the Satute of Liberty from a far was a better choice then standing in line for 3 1/2-4 hrs in the chilly rainy weather. After the Statue of Liberty I decided I wasn't going to survive in the the clothes that I brought w/ no coat so we headed to Daffy's and bought me a cute yellow raincoat to match my new rainboots.

The line

Another view of the line
 Sight Seeing/Shopping-We checked out the Bowling Green, The Sphere, Wall Street, and then into Jos. A Banks to buy Ryan some pants and shirts. Then off to see Ground Zero and shop at Century 21, which was so crowed we left b/c I couldn't even shop.

The Sphere

We saw these people on the streets, pretty cool

Central Park-The to Central Park, which was beautiful, last time I was here we didn't actually walk inside the park. We grabbed a hot dog and strolled the park.

Just loved the colors of all these cabs
Columbus Circle-The flower at Columbus Circle were so Springy, I loved it!

Just thought this was a great picture of the City

Lunch-We had a late lunch at Rumurs Pub and rested our feet alittle before headed to Columbia to visit a former athlete of mine, Queen Okeke, who is there on a track and academic schlorship.

You know how I love McDonalds
Columbia University- Queen took us on a tour around the school and around the block. We took us to see the Church of St. Anothy of Padua, which was breathe taking and to Tom's Resturant, which was used as the exterior stand in for the gathering place on Seinfield.

Queen and I

Empire State Building- We decided dusk would be a great time to do the Empire State Building Tour, which neither one of us had done before. Ryan can sometimes get a bit impatient when people try to sale you something so when the guy tried to sell us an package deal for less, Ryan was stopped in mid sentence and said yes. Ryan had no idea what he said yes to, only that we would get to the top sooner, but I fully understood that I was fixing to be going on a virtual tour simulator called Skyride and if you know me, I don't do rides, I get sick riding in the car or going in a circle, so I was super nervous this evening was not going to end well. I had to close my eyes through almost the entire thing gripping the seat and praying I wouldn't get sick. I can't tell you how many times I thought I was going to lose it but, thank the Lord above I never actually got sick but I for sure was not feeling very good.

Sushi Dinner @ Haru-We both wanted Sushi for dinner and found this restaurant not far from our hotel. There clear soup was so yummy and I tried a Strawberry Fin roll which was incredible.

Sat. 23rd-We had a late breakfast at Cafe Metro. Did some more shopping and sight seeing and then headed to see the Lion King. We were on the second row, it was amazing, I lost count of how many times I chocked up. I was in tears by the first note of the opening song. The music, the costumes, the propes were all so amazing. Ryan really out did himself. After the show we went to eat @ 5 Napkin Burger, seriously one of the best hamburgers I've ever had.

Sunday 24th Easter-We had a couple of hours to waist before heading to the airport. We had breakfast @ Applebees and believe me it wasn't picture worthy, the only bad meal we had the whole trip. We checked out the M&M store, Disney Store, and Toy's R Us , and then walked to Rockefeller center to check it out. I would have never imagined so many people in New York on Easter but it was packed. Then we grabbed so NY pizza @ Famiglia





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