Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 15th
9 Months
  Charley couldn't be any more precious! She is eatting much better, she has been introduced to a lot of new foods this last month, inlcuding crackers-ritz &club are her fav (3-16), we know she will always eat mashed potatoes, we ordered them for her at Chilis for the first time (3-22), one of her new fav snacks are lil crunchies (3-25), she eats meats sticks too, mac and cheese (3-27), oh and don't forget watermelon (4-4). She loves any of the organic squirt food and is eating her jar food better too, as long as she has something to play with and she is distracted from getting the spoon from you. And I probably shouldn't admit this but I gave her some of Brady's McDonald's hamburger the other day.

She has some new tricks too, she started clapping (4-4) and she may not be crawling yet, but she does move, she can go in circles and even backwards sometimes. She is very smart too, has learned to pull at blankets to get things closer to her, anything not to have to move, lol.

She is still such a happy baby, she still gets in a serious mood every once in awhile where getting her to crack a smile is impossible. She continues to be entertained by her brother. She loves when her daddy gets home! She is her happiest playing on the floor with her toys or watching Praise Baby, which is how mommy gets dinner cooked. She is still very much a mommy's girl, she doesn't like me to be very far away.

She is sleeping like a champ at naps and in the evening, despite having yet another double ear infection (4-4). Well, except at school that is.

She has now had her toenails painted for the first, thanks to aunt Stephanie.

She just lightens up any room and makes everyone smile that see her! And my heart can't stop smiling!


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