Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 15th
One Crazy Day-Choas, Air Show, Chaos, Liam's Party
My dad and I had decided that we were going to take Brady to the air show today, but haven't not feeling very well the last couple of days and knowing I was headed to New York soon with Ryan I knoew I needed to go to the doc. So, first thing when I woke up was to call CareNow. There was a 45min wait, so I was able to run around and get dressed and all packed with snacks for the day and Charley packed to go to Mimi's. I get a call that they are ready to see me, so I pack up the kids and head to CareNow only to find out when we get there I had called the wrong one, so instead of loading the car back up I just thought Id wait. So what ended up being a quick trip to the doc before and still ready to go before 10, turned into hrs and we didn't leave until 11 and a case of Bronchitis. Dad ended up meeting me at the CareNow and mom met us at the house so that she could get Charley.

So we finally get off, get Chase and Kendra picked up from school and head to the base. We grab lunch at the Burger King on base which was packed. Only to find out after rushing to eat that the air show had been cancelled due to 35-40 mph wind. Brady seriously could have gotten blown away. We did decide to go ahead and walk around a little before eventually getting kicked out. The entire time Brady whinning that he wanted his daddy and wanted to go home, the wind was CRAZY!!!

So we leave and try to drop the kids off at home, only now to find out niether one of them have a key and Tanya is still at work and Matt's on a job. So we wait and then decide to take the kids to Tanya's school which was at least 20min out of the way, and did I mention I still haven't gotten my prescription filled?

So finally get home and our fence has blown down and Lucky is missing, so dad and Brady in one car and me in another car start our search, b/c even to this day after so many days of her getting out, she still does not have tags. We finally find her and head to Mimi and Popi's house to get Brady.

Its almost 5 before we get Charley picked up and I still have to pick up prescription and get a gift for a bday party @ 6 in grapevine. It ended up taking 30min if not more to get my prescriptions, luckily there was a place just around the corner on Main St, that I found a perfect gift and we were probably just 10min late. And b/c of the day and not feeling well, I made Brady leave the party a little early, but he while we were there he loved it!

WOW, what a Crazy, but fun filled Day!!!

Mimi and Popi actually got him this blue angel hat and t-shirt last summer so it was perfect

Popi and the kids-this was an actual plane from his squadron

Chase sportin Popi's hat in the cockpit of one of the planes
The boys in the cockpit

Liam's Party @ Paradise Pond


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