Monday, March 21, 2011

March 15th
8months Old
Charley Rickelle is 8 months old today, we haven't gotten her 8 month pics taken yet but will soon and post. I gave up on the paper signs, b/c they end up crumbled and in her mouth, so I'll add her age digitally now.
This month, she has already started to want to be very independant. She won't want a bottle or food I give her but I put anything in front of her that she can feed herself, she's game!
On Feb. 20th, I found her in bed in the morning on her tummy and she's been that way every morning since. She can turn circles on her belly. I'll lay her down in the middle of her bed on her side and find her on her tummy on the other end of the bed upside down.
She now has 2 teeth, Feb. 20th I noticed her 2nd tooth broker through, the bottom right.
She's had her first breakfast jar food (Feb. 24th), which I forgot how much I loved with Brady, so much easier than mixer cereal. We're added new food each week, including Apple Butternut Squash.
She has a couple of new tricks. She started giving those precious open mouth sugars on March 9th and the same week started shaking head No, when you say, Charley, "Nooooh."
She has also had her first and second double ear infection, just 2 weeks apart. I took her in on Feb. 15 for a cough and came out with a double ear infection and then to her to Care Now on Feb. 28th b/c I noticed she was still pluggin on them and sure enough, both were still infected. Same visit she has to have her ears irrigated.
She's talking alot, saying things that sound like ba ba, da da and other jibberish.
She loves to smile, and her daddy and bubba can get her to smile from across the room.
She's wearing 9month, sometimes 12month clothes and still in size 3 diapers.
She loves to sit in play on the floor, play and rock n back in forth in her exersaucer, or hang out in her high chair eating. Her favorite toys are still her remote control, any shinny, especailly my phone, a new butterfly vibrating chew toy, and basically anything that will go in her mouth.
She stops anybody walking by when we're out, b/c of her bows, irrestiable dimple, or her carseat cover. She is a on the go baby, unforunately for Ryan she hasn't changed me from getting out and shopping, she'll just eat or nap on the go!

Brady clombed in to take a picture

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