Monday, March 21, 2011

March 12th
Brady Turns 4!
Four years ago today my sweet little boy was born! Its unbelievable to me that four years as gone by. Brady is such a sweet hearted boy! He is very caring and will sometimes, just shout out "Mommy, I love you!" in the middle of the night! Just the other day, I said out loud that I didn't feel good and he said "mommy, I'll say a prayer for you!"
He is the life of the party always telling jokes! He picks up things fast, like saying "Don't get Bad, Get Glad!" and after seeing a picture of a couple sitting on a couch, he asked me what the picture was and shurged his shoulders and said "a sleep number bed?" He recently has started acting like he can speak Chinese and Spanish, its hilarious!
He is for sure a lefty, but only eats and writes left handed, he tends to throw and bat right handed. He loves to play fight with daddy and hide-in-go seek. He is into any and all superheroes, he loves Toy Story, Scobby Doo, Peter Pan and just started watching Ninja Turtles. He loves to watch movies, the last couple of weeks its been Mary Poppins and there are too parts in it where he just belly laughs! He started saying "you're tricky" after watching it. As much as he loves to play outside and do boy stuff, he also loves to do crafts,draw, cute, and color. He loves puzzles, reading books, and singing. He knows so many songs from KLTY, including Better Than a Hallelujah by Amy Grant, I will Follow You by Chris Tomlin he also loves to sing Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night by Black Eyed Peas and Firework by Katy Perry.
He loves his sister and loves to make hold her and make her laugh! He can just say "hey, mama!" and she starts laughing!
He is the best little helper, I seriously could manage 2 children w/out him. He can dress himself, brush his teeth by himself, and bath himself. He will grab diapers for me, watch Charley while I take a shower or just entertain her if I'm busy! He loves to help with laundry and dinner too.
He wears size 4t in everything but pants, those are 5t, he is wearing size 12 shoes if there slip ons and 13 in tennis shoes.
He is still the best eater, will eat anything you put in front of him, including one of his favorites Sushi.
He can trace his name, knows most of his letters and can count to 30, if you can sit him still long enough.
He loves his new class at school, and his teacher Ms Rose, and he has some really sweet friends, Issac and Logan, one of his favorite friends Christian recently moved.
He loves playing with his buddies Layton and Cooper, and Karson, and recently Austin from church and his buddy Aaron. And of course all of his cousins!

For his birthday we had a Superhero party at the his school gym. I had Brady go outside and lay on an ice chest and thanks to PhotoShop I made him look like he was flying, hehe!
We were concerned he might not have a party after taking him to the doctor on Monday and he had strep, but we got some antibotics in him and he was fine! It was super crazy party but a lot of fun! We had Power Pop, Might M&Ms, Marvel Mixer, Super Sonic Sandwiches and Punch, Blue Blast, and Lemonator to drink! We had Super Brady cookies made for party favors, and had a Super Brady cake, and we found a great deal on capes, and all the kids got to decorate superhero capes! There's perks to being a pe coach, I got to bring up scooters, gym mats, a spring board, and some hula hoops.
After going home and napping, we got up played with a few new toys and then went to eat at Rainforest Cafe and went to see Rango! Brady was pooped by the end of the day!
His 4 year pictures from Kiddie Kandid
Eating cupcakes @ school on Friday to celebrate with his school friends

His invitation

In order to convince him to get in the shower quickly we let him open his Superman

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