Saturday, March 19, 2011

 Feb. 23rd-26th
 Arkansas Visit
I decided to head to Arkansas and visit one of my sweetest friends from Ouachita, Carol. She has 2 kids Ella 5, Wylie 2, and foster kiddo named T, and one on the way due in May.
We got up super early, 4 am to be exact to drive, and although I'm grown and very capable of driving myself, my dad insisted on driving us, and he actually flew back down to drive us back, crazy but sweet dad! The kids were great, Charley slept most of the way there.
We had a blast, just catching up and chasing around 5 kids. Fun times, including a dinner at a pizza place with her dad and sister and kids, hanging at Daddy Buck's house, a trip to a church's inside playground, and last but not least a crazy trip in the rain to Target with all five kids!

Feb. 23rd
Vegetable Turkey Dinner

Feb. 24th
First Breakfast in a Jar-Apple Yogurt Oatmeal

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