Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st
Sick Kid, Picky Kid
SICK KID-Brady woke up from his nap yesterday complaining about his tummy hurting, then after awhile was just not acting himself, I thought it might have a fever and sure enough 100.7, he laid around and went to bed early about 12:001am, he woke up to go potty and he had the shakes, he's fever was now 102. We woke up this morning with 101 and then 102, so we decided since we were just diagnosed with strep just 2wks ago we should probably go to the doc. And what do you know, Strep again. I couldnt get Brady to eat all day, I even offered to get him a shake, and he said, "mom, you're kidding me, right?" and I said, "No." and he responded no shake mom. So he must really not feel good! This picture is on the way to Sonic, I finally convinced him to get a shake.
PICKY KID-Charley decided to have another picky day, but today didn't want her bottles either, I'm hoping she's not getting sick. I finally got her to eat some crackers and we tried refried beans, she was a fan, but only when she fed herself!
Sick Brady :(
Eating Refried beans

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