Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb. 2nd
Second Snow Day
NO school again for the second day, I think this is a first.

We were up maybe 10 minutes when the power went out, guess there was a shortage of power, so they decided to do a state wide rolling power outage, but lucky us, ours didn't just last the 15min, but 3hrs. As I decided we couldn't take it anymore, and got the kids all packed up, which is a chore in itself, called in reinforcements to help me manually open the garage, and was backing out of the driveway the power came back on, so we decided to head out anyway.

We hung out at my folks house and then called my friend Jennifer to see if they were home and sure enough they were so we went over there for a little while to play. When Jennifer and I were kids we used to have so much fun in the snow together, we made some great memories and I'm hoping our kids can too!

Brady, Ryan, and Jack at Jennifer's house

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