Saturday, February 12, 2011

15 Boys, 4 2liters cokes, 24 pack of DP

Make that 16 boys, 4 2 liters of coke, 24 pack of DP, and all the snacks you can imagine and what do you get, one destroyed house and this was after I picked up all the trash.
Let's not forget to add, Ryan and I went down at 12, tried to sleep through Brady coughing and boys chatting, when we were about to be asleep Brady started throwing up, a total of 3x from all drainage, got him settled, tried to go back to sleep, at 2:00, boys still up, finally got some shut eye, when Charley woke up at 4:00 and wanted to play until 5. Let's just saw it was an eventful evening. Not sure Ryan will let us host another home next year, lol

Just wanted to give you an idea of how much they consumed in hours, and this isn't all of it

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