Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oct 15th
Charley is 3 Months
Charley is such an easy baby, she's like clock work, eats 4oz every 3 hrs, about 1hr or 1 1/2 hrs after she eats, its time for a nap. On days I work, I wake Charley up about 6:40 and she's able to hold off until getting to daycare to eat about 7:15ish, and on days that were home, she will even sleep until 8 sometimes. So she eats every night anywhere between 9-10pm and goes until 7-8am. She continues to be swaddled at night and for one long nap in the afternoon. She's been sleeping longer in her bed at night, transferring to the swing is minimal now and  if so its 6 or after when I do it. Sept. 29th no swing til 6 and Oct.7th, 13th, and 14th she woke up n bed. Charley has been to the fair and the zoo for the first time. She is so happy, she smiles all the time now and loves being entertained by her brother.
We went ahead and did our Halloween pics for our 3months pics, This is Charley the Crocodile 

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