Monday, January 10, 2011

Nov. 25th
Thanksgiving/Turkey Trot
We carried on our 4 year tradition of starting off our Thanksgiving with the Turkey Trot, this year, Popi and Nani and Booga joined us! It was a little chilly but definitely worth it! Afterwards we headed to Mimi and Popi's for our Thanksgiving lunch and then on to Nani and Booga's for dinner.
Last weekend we did Thanksgiving with Mick & Mother in Paris, they love seeing the babies!
Mimi and my babies

The girls in ther Turkey gear

We started a new tradition this year, Elf on the Self, so he was waiting for us when we got home

Big girl holding her bottle again
My precious little turkey

Brady showing off his tie shirt



Mick and Mother and their great grandchildren

Brae and Brady being silly in the car on the way

Nani and Booga with their grandbabies

Charley in her new carseat cover

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