Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan. 23rd
Sunday Best/New Toy/Cooking Dinner w/ Daddy/Chores & Responsibility Chart
This morning I had to take a picture of my precious kids in their Sunday best, one, b/c Charley's outfit was handmade by a friend of mine and I've been promising her to post some pics and 2 just cause their cute, hehe!

I totally forgot about this super fun seat I got at one of my showers for Charley until Nani showed us what new toy she got for Charley this weekend. As soon as I got home, I made Ryan put it together and she loves it!

Brady loves to help around the house and really with anything, especially if it deals with helping daddy in anyway. Tonight, he decided he wanted to help Daddy make dinner, bacon wrapped teal, with cream cheese filling, yum!

Brady got a Melissa and Doug Responsibility & Chore chart from Nani and Booga for Christmas and we've really been enjoying it, up until tonight though, we've really just been picking up toys, getting dressed, getting ready for bed, brushing teeth and picking up our room. I decided, since Brady seems to really be responded to it well and loves to help Mommy and Daddy that we would get him some real responsibilities around the house. So starting tonight, he is in charge of feeding the dogs and taking out the trash, (with a little help of course).

Charley in her new Super Seat

Cooking with Daddy

New Chores

Wearing Ryan's head light as we take the trash out

Feeding the dogs

Adding magnets to his chart
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