Friday, January 21, 2011

Jan. 21st
I'm Amazed...
I'm amazed each day how big the kids are getting! Today when I picked up Brady, he showed me his work from today, and it makes me so proud. He perfectly, ok, maybe not perfectly, but pretty darn close, traced the letter Aa and Bb and cut out a square, triangle, and circle and glued them into their correct place. It's crazy to think in no time at all, he's gonna be able to write his name.
Then I went to pick up Charley and she was just sitting in the rocker holding her bottle like a big girl and as soon as she saw me, she dropped her bottle and gave me the biggest grin! I feel like I have to write down every first, every memory, and capture every moment, or I'll soon forget and they'll be big :(!

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