Monday, January 10, 2011

Brady is very much into Captain Hook, and I wanted the kids costumes to go together, so I decided even though it was very girly, Charley could be the crocodile, b/c a bow added to anything can be girlified right?
We had a busy Halloween, we had a Trunk or Treat at my school on Thursday's night, which the crocodile stayed behind for. Then because Halloween fell on a Sunday, our church asked the kids come dressed in their costumes and then the trunk or treat was after services, it was a little weird,  I was not a fan. We didn't stay long, b/c it interferred with Charley's feeding and nap time. Then that night we headed to our old church to meet up with the cousins and Popi, mimi was sick :(. Afterwards, we headed to Chili's, which is a tradition we started several years ago.
The kids Halloween Kiddie Kandid pics

School Trunk or Treat

This is Bumble Bee Hannah, my job share partner's lil girl


Brady and one of his buddies Karson

Brady and the Towery boys

Searching for candy

Brae, Mari. Phoebe, Captain Hoook, and Charley

My sweet Crocodile with her chub cheeks

Brae and Charley

We stopped by to see Nani

Our friend Landry happened to be Tinker Bell

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