Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dec. 22nd
First but Hopefully Annual Jingle Bell Run
We done the Turkey Trot for several years now and Nani and Booga invited us and my parents to join them for the Jingle Bell Run and we of course said yes. So we buddled up the kids, packed up 2 cars, 2 strollers, lots of blankets, gloves, scraves, hats, etc. and headed to Dallas.
My sweet family

Nani and Booga w/ the kids

Mimi and Popi and us

Nani and Booga, The Mitchells, and us

Stephanie, Billy, and Brae

Popi, Mimi, and the kids

My sweet smiley girl

Walking and Steph being silly

The boys highly entertained

The BEST parents in the world

Charley snoozing

1 of my most FAVorite people in the world

Brady and Braeleigh

I know its over the top, but too cute rt?

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