Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dec. 29th
Scary Day
Charley woke up about 3am, w/ a low grade fever, so I gave her some Tylenol. When she woke up at her normal time, she had green snot and she had still had the cough from the beginning of the month. By 10, her fever was back, so I called her doctor and they we're booked for the day, seriously? So the only thing I knew to do was taker her back to CareNow.
They decided to do a chest X-ray which Charley smiled throughout the entire process, the nurses thought she was so cute! It was soon after that the doctor came in and told me it was pneumonia. I immediately started crying. I was so frustrated that no one could have seen this sooner. How could just a tiny little thing be so sick. The doctor assured me that their little bodies could fight this quickly and she could be ok in 78 hrs. They gave her a shot of antibiotics in her leg, and then have us a antibiotic to take home and a steroid and told us to have a follow up tomorrow. So, I spend the rest of the day crying, lovin on Charley and praying God would heal her little body quickly, 

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  1. I've had a ton of catching up to do! Great job keeping up with the blog, momma! Love you!